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Fuma no Kojiro

This drama completly grabbed my attention once I started watching it.

I knew that some Tenipuri actors were in it, especially Shindo Gaku and Furukawa Yuuta. But boy, this is a great drama, and competely fit for people who like fighting twisted with comedy and romance [not that much romance, though].

The musicals are interesting also; plus the actors are the same! ^_^ I especially like the songs "Mistiness" by Furukawa Yuuta and "Akaki Honoo" by Suzuki Hiroki [not the one in Tenipuri; he's different]. Both the drama and musicals are good; watch them if you have time! =D

Here are the actors [well, the main ones; ones from the Fuma clan]:
Miura Ryota as Kojiro
Shindo Gaku as Ryoma [reminds you of Prince of Tennis, doesn't it? XD]
Furukawa Yuuta as Kirikaze
Sakamoto Kazuya as Shoryu
Sakamoto Naoya as Kou
Suzuki Hiroki as Reira
Yashiro Shingo as Kabutomaru
Takahashi Tsuyoshi as Rinpyo
Takayama Takehisa as Ryuho

[Spoiler: Overall, Kou, Reira, Rinpyo, and Kabutomaru die in the series; Reira's death is so touching and tragic... T_T]

...I might do a story on it. Hopefully I'll get ideas. ^_^ It's a good drama/musical/anime [OVAs], please watch it if you're interested! =)

Same Problem Again?!

I'm freakin' pissed as hell. Once more.

OK, here's the whole story: I just finished my ten weeks of art class. But after winter break [which is in December] I either go to art and drop out of drama, or go to drama and drop art class. I rather do the former, but my dad thinks otherwise. Who freakin' cares about the drama grade?! I mean, why do you even care about the drama grade when it's not IMPORTANT at all? -_-"

Just because art class costs money you don't want me to go there? Gosh, I actually want to draw good so I can amuse others with drawings. But drama? I won't do anything related to acting, smartass. Does it look like I care about it?

Seriously, just because it costs money. I wish I have my own money [well, I do, but it's less than $40 -_-"].

To the person/people who is/are reading this, you like to see my pain right?

God. So many freakin' tests and homework. -_-"

Our science teacher is a douche, you know? XD He gave us two assignments, one on science and one on history [since he teaches history to us also]. And he knows perfectly well that we have a bunch of tests going on.

English and math were actually OK. English, we didn't really get that much compared to history/science, and math, our only homework was to study for the second half of the quarter exam.

QUARTER EXAM!!! God, I have to study...I'm totally going to fail the proofs if I don't.

But on the bright side...


I'm so excited... ^_^

To Danni-senpai, Fumi-senpai, and Kage-senpai if you guys are reading this: Advanced Happy Halloween! ^_^

...OK, I'm done. =D Have a great day/night, everybody~ ^^

Pissed off.

T_T This is one of the worst days of my life.

I thought it was supposed to be a good day since it's my grandma's birthday. But apparently, I can never have fun on BIRTHDAYS. Birthdays, our of all 365 days of the year.

First off, stupid relatives teasing me about my freakin' long nails on both the hands and toes.

A little kid in the house stepped on my foot [which bled later on]. And what did they say?


Seriously. I'm f***ing pissed off to no end. Would you like it if somebody criticized you about your nails if your toe was bleeding?

God, people just care about appearance instead of the person's feelings nowadays. So f***ing retarded.

OK, done with my rant.

About Me?

It's the second time I went on LiveJournal, surprisingly. XD

I'm new here, so I'm glad that I found my friend Meika/Danni over here. ^^ Thanks for telling me your acccount, senpai~! ^_^

Well, onto the main subject. If you want to know more about me, these are the main things you should know.

-Favorite anime is Prince of Tennis [but there are some others that pass also ^^"]

-Favorite bands are Arashi, SNSD [Girl's Generation], f(x), PureBoys

-BIG fan of Tenimyu [The Prince of Tennis Musicals]

-Watches many dramas; anything related to Prince of Tennis and their seiyuus/actors

-Paranoid; negative

-Likes Samurai Sentai Shinkenger and Kamen Rider Double/W

-Favorite seiyuu is Naozumi Takahashi [despite Yukimura Seiichi being the top of my list of favorite characters]

-Likes to draw, but is very picky over the drawings that I do [which is why I'm slow]

My other accounts at other websites are:

-EverStarDream11 [Quizilla]

-MizuToUmi43 [Quizilla]

-MizuToUmi43 [GaiaOnline]

-EverStarDream11 [deviantART]

-everstardream11 [AIM]

Yeah, that's it. XD Hope we get to be friends~ ^_^