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Yay, it's almost Halloween. XD ^^

Well, it's almost Halloween. XD My classmate from 8th grade has her birthday this upcoming Friday, so I better get ready to say Happy Birthday to her~ And another friend from Quizilla has her birthday on Halloween itself, so I better remember to publish her gifts on Quizilla. ^_^


I actually wanted to rant about something, rather than talk about birthdays and stuff. XD It's about my 6th period, Health. I honestly think that it's a really good class. I just don't like some of my classmates. At first, in the beginning, I didn't really like this guy sitting in my row, but I've reconsidered, and he's not really that annoying. Now, the girl who sits in my row? She's annoying. I don't have any grudge against her or anything, but hearing her voice EVERY SINGLE DAY is freaking annoying. [But I have to admit, I like her hair. XD]

Then there's this other guy who sits way at the side tables while everybody else sits at the computers [since it's also a computer class during 2nd-5th periods]. He always has to ask questions EVERY SINGLE DAY. Some of them are stupid also. The other day, he asked how many pounds are 2,200 calories. How are we supposed to figure that out? My dad even said that he was stupid. HAHA.

[And yes, I know that I emphasized every single day twice, but if I was actually speaking, I would've emphasized it. XD]

Another girl, this time in the row behind me [I sit in the front], is a bit annoying. I have to say, I think she's not that bad compared to the first girl, but she's pretty loud. I have to agree with my friend [at least, I hope he's my friend now] that everything's quiet until she comes inside. And it seriously was yesterday. XD When she came in, everything was a mess and he said "Everything was quiet until you came inside." I TOTALLY AGREE. XD And she doesn't really mind her own business either. Whenever somebody gets sent out of class, she's, like, "But he didn't do anything!". Lady, just mind your own business. Don't say anything. XD

And there's this other girl, who sits two rows behind, at the other side of the room. She's the most annoying of all of the people in the classroom. During tests, she makes unnecessary sounds, like sneezing and "Bleep!". She's insanely loud, and she talks way too much. The sounds make me wonder, "Is she really a girl?" I think she isn't. She calls herself a lady yet she's not acting like one. I won't consider her a girl. Ever.

Yeah, that's already four people? XD There are about just two more that I think are annoying, one if you count the first guy at the beginning as the fifth one. As for the people I like in that class, it's pretty much almost everybody except for those six and about three more. Two of them are from my P.E. class, and another is actually a childhood friend of mine from my elementary school [sadly she doesn't remember me T_T]. My friend that I've talked about two paragraphs up is really cool; he's really funny and he still manages to get good grades in Health, so I admire that. Well, it's pretty easy to get good grades in Health if you just do the freaking exercises, which are easy if you have the book [which you should have].

...Yeah, that's all I really have to rant about right now. XD Surprisingly, none of my classes have annoying people like Health, though there is one that I think is a bit annoying in my Engineerings class [but he's not as annoying at them]. So, overall, I like my classes. I just don't like my classmates in Health, that's it. ^^ If you actually got through this, I congratulate you~

In other news: A new Rikkai Young Kan single and a new Nasu single coming out in November~~ I can't wait~ ^_^ And anybody that has watched Bleach? I don't have anybody I can talk to about Bleach. T_T