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Ai, Ai, Ai Got You, Baby~♥

Listening to: Flower Smile by Furukawa Yuuta and Nakagauchi Masataka [These two are super cute, I tell you~ <3]
Watching:  美女廚房 & D no Arashi
Working on: Nothing right now XP

The party was so fun~ ^_^ Too bad I left early. I really thought that I was going to leave at 7:30... ^^"

At first, when I left school, my uncle came to pick me up and drop me over at my house, which was just two or three blocks away. Then we had to go to the bookstore to get something for a present [because my dad completely forgot that he was supposed to pick me up early yesterday >_>], and it was all the way in West Covina. Then we got stuck in traffic. It was full of bull, because even when we got out, one lane of the road was closed. Then I was so scared that my dad got lost on the way because you have to twist and turn for a while. ^^"

When I got there, I saw only five people there. And I thought that I was late because I came at, like, 1:10 P.M. when the party started at 11:00 A.M. We played the Wii~ It was fun seeing people kill each other. ^_^ More people started to come; we sort of played Twister, and ate some food like spaghetti and fried rice. And at the end, there were 12 people in the house, not including the adults.

I was honesty scared to go play that Hotel 626 game, whatever it was called. :P I get nightmares easily~ But it was funny when the birthday girl's mom tapped on the window and everybody inside started screaming. XD

After that, we all came to the kitchen and used the chocolate fountain...thingy with marshmallows and strawberries and bananas. It was so good; anybody in my family is too cheap to buy something like that, though. >_> OK, except for two people, but majority of my family is too cheap. Then it was the pinata~ It was so funny; I should make a separate journal on that. Or just a private document so I can actually put everybody's names.

The pinata, then it was the smashing of the pinata, and then we all ate popsicles. Then we all started ranting on who was better: Iron Man, Spiderman, or Hulk. Why don't you ask yourself and give me an answer? ^^ After the popsicles [or during], my dad came and I had to leave. But I'm pretty sure everybody had fun during the party. I know I did. ^^

And to the birthday girl, if you're reading this: I hope you like the present I gave you! It were two banners in a white envelope and a KHR! volume. I really hope it's OK! The bookstore didn't have 5-9 of Beauty Pop, so I chose Reborn instead. I hope you like~ ^^

P.S.- If any of my Internet friends from Quizilla are reading this, don't take it the wrong way. XD I still haven't read and/or watched KHR!, and I don't want to. Prince of Tennis, Special A, Ouran, Mermaid Melody, and Full Moon for the win! ^_^