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Tired, Discouraged, Anything Negative

Yeah, I just came back from my trip to Las Vegas. And I have to say, this was the worst Christmas ever.

On the joyful day itself, I had to stay in a line for more than three hours just to get to a buffet. And then my parents and relatives just had to go outside and make me walk across the street to watch a five-minute water show [which, of course, we could just see from upstairs] and breathe in the COLD, FRESH AIR.

Honestly, we came back in the hotel room at 11:03 P.M. That's when I usually go to sleep.

Yeah, you know that I said it was the worst Christmas ever? It's not that bad, but I am tired. I got a wonderful one-shot from that Secret Santa event narutoavenger was holding [thank you, silver.roses~ ^_^] and two cute banners from my senpai-tachi [Kage-senpai and Fumi-senpai]. But in reality, the only thing I'm getting would be the More Sweet GakuPuri game IN FEBRUARY.

When I come back, I see that not much has changed, sadly. D= My G-mail only had four e-mails, and my Quizilla only had one. No other members joined the RP site either. But deviantART has changed, a little. I'm envious of Danni-senpai's drawing skills. And when I started to browse through the new sixteen deviantions my friends posted, I started to doubt my drawing skills... to the point where I decided I wouldn't draw anything anymore. Yeah, I'm that jealous and negative.

So, yeah, I'm not happy. ^_^


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Dec. 29th, 2009 01:48 am (UTC)
Aw, Cindy-chan! I'm so sorry about your Christmas. I know we talked about it a little on YM, but not a lot. ;;; If you need to talk to someone I am always here!

I'm sorry about your Christmas day itself. I can't say that I really understand, but I know that Las Vegas is always uber-crowded and it's always a pain. @___@ I hate waiting itself-- I'm pretty sure every human does-- so I can sort of feel your frustration. And ew. >_< The cold. I hope it wasn't windy.

I was talking to narutoavenger and she was saying how she hoped you liked your Christmas gift! She'll be happy to know that you did. ^___^ And I know that February seems like forever, but look on the bright side -- at least it's not coming next year! ^__^ (It sucks when that happens, ha-ha.)

And don't do that! DDDDD: I think your drawings are great, if that counts (although I'm a social recluse and never comment-- sorry about that ;;; ). Everyone has a different talent-- and sometimes they're natural, and sometimes they're acquired. All of your friends also probably have been drawing longer than you have. It's just a matter of practice. You are a wonderful drawer/colorer as you are. Please don't give up drawing if you like it! D:

Remember Cindy-chan, you are a wonderful person the way you are. ^___^ There's no need to be envious of other people: You're good at everything! Pokemon, drawing, writing, academics! Please no sadness. D:
Dec. 31st, 2009 02:00 am (UTC)
Awww. I wish I had the chance to participate in that Secret Santa? XD It seemed a bit fun. And you had gifts, right? Better than nothing, I suppose XP

Oh~! And that's nice ^^ I'm betting you can't wait for February!! ^__^ Lucky you, Cindy-chan~! :D

Now, as for my drawings, don't feel bad about it XD I already told you that you draw neater than me, and that's a start! (I know you're gonna deny this, but I'm still gonna say this because it's the truth~). And besides, I only started to draw when I was 13...or 14? @_@ It's very late. Unlike you, you're starting early. You'll have more time to enhance your drawing skills. I'm sure that when you reach my age, your drawings will be much more pwnable than mine. So instead of comparing yourself with others, feel better about yourself and start to hone your own skills ^__^

Besides, believe it or not, some of my classmates can't draw to save their lives. They can only draw cute, little stick people. XD
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